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It was cool because I got a chance to speak young Black males all over the country about this new idea called Thug Life. Which is a new kind of Black power. Young black males out there identified with Thug Life and I couldn’t handle it. I could handle it, but not right away. Imagine you have 14,000 people ready to do whatever you want. When you have all over the country people waiting to hear what you want to do. All of a sudden I got people in the penitentiary, big time OG criminals, calling me telling me they want me to lead their movement.

But yall think black people love him because he was “just a rapper”..

At 25, Tupac was setting himself up to be a modern day Activist. He took all the teachings from his Black Panther mother and other role models whist growing up, and took a different approach to get his message heard, which was through rap. And made many features at events and discussions like these..

Tupac was assassinated simply because his influence over the young black males started to become uncontrollable, he become a positive light to many and woke black men from their systematic brainwashed unconscious mindset.

They didn’t want another Malcolm X on their hands,

But he was “just a rapper”…
Continue to think that, I don’t care enough to change your mind, I’m just enlightening you..

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Anonymous said: I don't know why Michael Jackson fans keep complaining about how the media destroyed him and keep crying about haters. I've seen so much love for this guy that I'm actually sick of it. I still remember when he died and the world went crazy



Oh, I don’t know…maybe because


You’ve seen so much love for him? Good for you because he deserves all that love and so much more. But don’t mistake what you’ve seen for the media not ruining his fucking life or people talking shit about him.

You know what I’m sick of? 

Pedophile jokes (in every variation and constantly by people who never met or knew the man)

jokes about his own children

jokes about him not wanting to be white

people attempting to undermine years of his hard work

people trying to downplay the man’s talent and impact on the world

and a host of other bullshit I’ve heard people spew from their mouths when it comes to MJ.

No other fanbase has to deal with the shit MJ fans have to deal with and I can promise you that

And maybe the world went crazy because MJ was bigger than life. Bigger than any president or world leader whose ever lived. Bigger than The Beatles and especially Elvis Presley.

I actually can’t believe someone would send me some mess like this. He was joked about and heckled so much, that the man couldn’t even take his kids to the park and show his face. He had to sit in a limo and watch his bodyguards play with his kids. He had to go to a Chuck E. Cheese’s (if I’m not mistaken) and give his children code names while wearing a disguise because he didn’t want people knowing he was there and going batshit crazy. He tried to have the “normal” experience at a bar and had to hear some belligerent asshole of a drunk call him a PEDOPHILE, EVEN though the man knew who he was and that he was there. He couldn’t watch TV like the rest of us because of fear that he would hear or see anything negative about him. He couldn’t go anywhere without people going batshit crazy and not letting him OR his children walk around in peace. He had trouble sleeping because on top of trying to stay creative he was still dealing with humiliation and ridicule from anyone who thought they could tear him down. He had to cover up his kids because he didn’t want the media flashing photos of them and speculating about shit they know nothing about. He built a place where kids and adults alike (but mostly kids) could escape their problems and have fun, only for that place to be taken away from him because of a bullshit police raid. He was accused TWICE of child molestation by people who’s children he cared deeply for. Then you know what happened? The media completely twisted the first case and the second subsequent trial so much that now we have feaux “experts” and comedians alike trying to claim he did something when they literally don’t know anything about the trial, or how there was no evidence found to suggest he did those things. The media destroyed MJ and continued to kick him while he was down so don’t come here trying to spout some ignorant shit like that.

Michael’s downfall was that he was too good, too trusting, too caring and WAY too nice for this sorry excuse for a planet. And people took his kindness and manipulated it to such an extent, that it tore the man down. He was torn down so much that the only thing that mattered to him in the end was his children. It was already hard enough he dealt with super-stardom at such a ripe age and had been dealing with media scrutiny since he was a teenager. Add to the mix the progression of his Vilitigo, the surgeries he’s had, the accusations and the aftermath of each and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. And he was so alone too. He always felt alone even as a little kid but that only worsened once people he thought were his friends left him to rot in his own loneliness and inner struggle. MJ had a party to celebrate his acquittal and virtually no one showed up. People care about the magic, the music and the mystery that is MIchael Jackson but hardly anyone gave a damn about the person he was. The real Michael Jackson, not the extraordinary prodigy of the 60s and 70s or universal super-star of the 80s and 90s. Michael was such an amazing person with such a rare and beautiful personality but people took advantage of that. The “high” that his ex-wife Lisa Marie spoke of was also true for anyone else he’s ever come across in his life. Being around him felt so high that people thought they could take control of his life. By the end of his life he had so many people taking advantage of him and telling him what to do with his life. And he was so broken and beaten down that he no longer cared. And you know what happened when these people were off their “MJ high?” (a.k.a MJ dropped them from his life or hadn’t spoken to him in years). They sued the shit out of him for shitty reasons (I’m looking at you Ola Ray) or did a complete 360 and talked shit about things they don’t fucking know about (I’m looking at you John Landis/Quincy Jones). OR worse yet, still managed to accuse him of child molestation (I’m looking at your pathetic ass Wade Robeson).

So for the sake of me trying to not make this reply any longer than it needs to be, how dare you say that you don’t know what fans are complaining about. We have every right to complain and you have every right to shut the hell up about shit you  obviously know nothing about.



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relationship goals

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